Smart FabRx with Bio-Protect is our latest technology in bacteria resistant fabrics. Our fabrics are impregnated with an antimicrobial compound during the manufacturing process, which provides durable fabric protection against bacteria and fungi for the useful life of the fabric. All of our fabrics are laboratory tested and are made without silver or other heavy metals, which makes the fabrics non-toxic and non-leaching.

Bio-Protect acts like a bed of microscopic spikes that pierce the cell walls of microbes. One end of its molecule creates a strong bond with a multitude of surfaces, forming a highly durable protective coating. The other end of the molecule forms a microscopic bed of spikes that punctures microbes like a bed of nails. Bio-Protect physically ruptures the cell walls of these microbes, without the use of poisons. Since Bio-Protect’s methodology is mechanical instead of a poison, it does not permit adaptive resistance and hence mutation of microbes into potentially deadly “superbugs”, which are microbes that resist standard treatment.

Over 30 years of research and development went into the creation of Bio-Protect. The technology has undergone extensive independent laboratory testing and has a long history of safe use.

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