About Us

Smart FabRx is a division of Smart Antimicrobials, LLC, an antimicrobial company that provides comprehensive solutions to germ contamination that exists in multiple settings, including hospitals, ancillary healthcare facilities, medical and dental offices, educational institutions, gymnasiums, sports facilities, hospitality-related enterprises, food supply and preparation sites, as well as other locations where microbe and infection control are vital concerns.

Developed in response to the highly publicized Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI) that have claimed the lives of so many and compromised the health of many more, our product line includes Smart FabRx, Smart e-Water for institutional, office and commercial use, Smart e-Water devices for home use, Smart Hands, Smart Door Handles, and Smart Ties. Our proprietary program for infection control monitoring with certified laboratory testing is headed by world recognized scientists and physicians. Our program also incorporates some or all of the above product lines, depending upon factors such as the prevalent microorganisms, the historical infection rates, causation, sites of infection and the physical setting.

Our goal is to significantly reduce the endemic level of infection in these settings, while simultaneously reducing or even eliminating the potential for superbug mutation.

Smart FabRx with Bio-Protect, our flagship textile brand, is our latest technology in bacteria resistant fabrics. We have developed a green and clean approach to providing long lasting antimicrobial protection on our fabrics. We accomplish this without the use of silver and other leaching metals, making our fabrics entirely non-toxic. Integrated into the fabric itself is an invisible microbiostatic coating that inhibits the growth of bacteria, fungi and algae reducing odor, staining, discoloration, mold, mildew and deterioration caused by these pathogens.

Our environmentally friendly process inhibits the growth of microbe populations by up to 99.99%. Many studies demonstrate that fabrics harbor invisible and harmful bacteria. As a result of this bacterial inhibition, the fabric environment that would otherwise allow mutation to a superbug on the fabric is effectively thwarted and a vector of bacteria penetration into the overall environment is disrupted.

The Smart FabRx team has established an important line of defense against these invisible killers in environments such as: hospitals, other health care facilities, the home and multiple other settings where harmful germs may be harbored and cross-contamination in fabrics is a concern. Protect your fabrics and help create a truly green and clean environment. Get Smart!

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